Friday, January 2, 2009

Mind Trap

All books have the same “Author”, they flow from “The Source” of all things. It was not until I let go of the constant barrage from “The Mind” did I accept the guidance, available to all of us, from ‘Source Mind” and allow it to flow freely without judgments did this book begin to write itself.
The irony of writing “Never Mind Your Mind” was that I initially began, without noticing, to fall into “The Mind Trap”. I struggled for years with many false starts plagued by “MIND” with doubts about my ability to offer and write anything new and substantive(EGO). The inner dialogue went something like this “Who do you think you are to teach anyone anything “, “Who is going to want to publish anything by an unknown”, “You have never written anything before, you don’t know what you are doing”, “If your life isn’t perfect then you can’t claim this methods has efficacy”, “What the world needs is another self help book.”, “Everything you have to say has probably already been said, thought or done”
Before I knew it I was slipping back into Slavery. I began to question how I could have any doubts (ego). I knew “The Mind” was kicking it up a notch as it always had in the past whenever I was on the precipice of change and growth and so “MIND” rationalized that if I was going to teach others how to gain control over “Mind” how could I possibly have doubt(EGO) . “The Mind” gave me the problem of doubt and then the problem of having the problem, a great double bind. There it was, the litany of fear showing up as doubt, self recrimination, rejection, pseudo orientation in time, and more thoughts and thoughts about thoughts. Congratulation “MIND”, you did it again and I am not buying it.
Of course “The Mind “was just doing what “The Mind” does, and I realized I was given another opportunity to use “The Un- Method” to get back to once again being “The Master of Mind”. Now I must do what a Mind Master does. First I made the decision to question and I asked for evidence that proved whether my thoughts were true. I applied the UN -Method as I have done so many times before.
The questions were answered, was I really writing this book to teach others or to teach me, to remind me that I am not my mind? How could anyone reject my experience, only I could reject me? How could I criticize the value of my work before it was even finished, did I have a crystal ball that told me I would not get published? What outcome did I want instead? So I began the use the UN-Method to NEVER MIND MY [Persistent] MIND.
So I humbly offer and share my experience and awakening which led me toward my evolution to a higher level consciousness, with the sincere hope that you will resonate with the Un-Method I describe and use. Perhaps you too will begin to experience all the peace and joy you deserve, each page that “Source” has given me is evidence of my own evolution from “Mind Slave” to “Mind Master” and if I can do it so can you. Don’t believe me…believe for yourself. Go inside and Listen.